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Five years ago, a recently graduated girl from Poland decided she had lived long enough in her home country. This was the perfect moment to start a new life and settle a base somewhere far. Norway was an obvious choice. It was her favorite country at that moment, and she had already spent a year there during her studies. The northern region was the place yet to explore. She started an internship in the tourist resort 65 km south of Tromsø. During the first day at work, she was introduced to her colleagues. Among them, a Spanish sous-chef. He was a scientist who was struggling to start his career in Spain. He has never really traveled before, so when the opportunity of working in Norway popped up, he decided to give it a chance, and get to know other cultures and lifestyles.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but they immediately became good friends. It only took them three months to realize they were meant for each other. They moved in together and made a typical Norwegian hytta their home. A few months later, the Spanish boy bought a van, which was his dream for as long as he could remember. Having driven to most of the sights in the 1000 km radius, they realized a remote location in Northern Norway had nothing else for them to offer.

Since then, they have visited 23 countries together. When the first year of their relationship passed, they realized their family wasn’t complete without a pet. Soon after, the best dog in the world joined their pack. They adopted him from an animal shelter in the north of Poland when he was only 5 months old. The dog was bitten by a travel bug already on the first day of his new life, as he was taken for a 5-day-long trip home. He has already explored 13 countries with his human parents.

By now, the family of three lived in 4 countries. Their adventure started in Trondheim, a city in central Norway. When they got bored with Norway, the family moved to Spain. They spent 3 months in Spanish Basque Country, where their base was Irún, a small town near the French border. Ávila, a historic city in central Spain and the boy’s hometown, became their next location. Later on, they moved for two months to Gliwice in the Polish region of Silesia, the hometown of the girl. Estonia was their next destination of choice. Having spent a little over a month in Pärnu, they moved to Tallinn, where they live currently.

Meet the Kavibio Team

Karolina Canada


A journalist by education, writer by choice. An introvert vegetarian. The main goal of her life is to travel to every country on Earth. She likes non-fiction books and drama movies. Her favorite music artist is Robbie Williams. She is responsible for all the texts on this website.

Countries she would like to visit the most: The Bahamas, United States, and Kazakhstan.



A chemist by education, web-developer by choice. An extrovert bacon-lover. The main goal of his life is to digitalize the world around him. He loves geeky books and movies, from fantasy to science fiction. His favorite music artist is Daft Punk. He is responsible for the technical side of this website.

Countries he would like to visit the most: Japan, China, and Canada.



The best dog in the world. An extrovert food-lover. The main goal of his life is to have his stomach full at all times. He likes chasing his ball, digging holes and being petted. He doesn’t have any responsibilities on this website, as well as in life.

Countries he would like to visit the most: any, as long as his parents go there with him.

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